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I am a solo acoustic musician, and I love what I do. It defines me. I live for god, for our country, for our service men and women, and my friends and family.
My music is a form of art. Art is a form of truth. It is so because it is made by the artist. A living human being who is truth themselves. It’s not made by a robot without feeling or emotion. As such, this feeling and emotion must and does come out in their form of art.
My music is true and real. It represents me as a person, and in some form, represents my life at the moment. Thru my music, I am able to express to the audience my state of mind, my state of living, and my dreams and desires. This is one of the main reasons I strive to interact with the audience during my performances. It’s during these times that connections take place, and there is nothing more satisfying for an artist than developing a connection with a listener.
I want to play music that makes people experience a range of emotions, and the truth I am expressing. I like songs that have meaning, and that connect with me on a personal level. Sometimes the connection is the lyrics, sometimes it's the chord structure. Sometimes it's the rhythm or tempo. Always though, the song is moving in me, and I want it to move in the audience also. I enjoy interacting with those around me, and when I am on stage, that still holds true. I'm a people person, and a humble musician, so I am most in my element bantering back and forth with the crowd.
I tend to choose songs that resonate with me, and that I believe will resonate with my audience. It could be Motley Crue, John Denver, Frank Sinatra, or James Taylor. Or anywhere in between. The song needs to have an element that I believe will be a common language for both myself and my listeners. I am constantly striving for the perfect acoustic tone, and the ability to change it from song to song. 
Currently, I am a solo acoustic musician that is playing live gigs as time allows between my duties as a full-time single father to my amazing 6 year old son, and a full-time student at Berklee College of Music. I am in the very beginning phases of exploring songwriting, and would ultimately like to write and play my own original music. When time allows I am usually home working out new backing rhythms on my looper, experimenting with vocal techniques, or working out new songs on my looper.

looking AHEAD

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